NWNL Spotlight

American Rivers addresses San Joaquin River with NWNL
2015 and 2016

Dry irrigation channel in the San Joaquin River Basin. Photo © Alison M. Jones for NWNL.

NWNL has enjoyed collaborating with American Rivers in its focus on the impact of California’s ongoing historic drought on the San Joaquin River. This river is central to one of the most productive farming regions in the world. The threat of outdated water managment and excessive diversions leave this river’s health – and reliability of California’s water supplies – at risk.

—In 2015 American Rivers chose California’s San Joaquin River as the US #1 Most Endangered River.

—In 2016 American Rivers chose California’s San Joaquin River as the US #2 Most Endangered River.

In the process of supporting and documenting these choices, American Rivers directed NWNL to specific, significant sites along the San Joaquin River to photograph. Resulting photos by NWNL Director Alison M. Jones have been used in American River’s announcements of its annual lists, blogs and Annual Report.

— In 2015, a San Joaquin River Basin photo was the cover of American River’s 2014 Annual Report. Last year’s choice of SJR as #1 Most Endangered River of 2015 is on our website.

— In 2015, NWNL Director Alison Jones wrote “A Desert Runs through It” as a blog post for American Rivers. She has been invited to submit another blog post for 2016.

—In 2016, American Rivers used the above NWNL photo of the San Joaquin River Basin in the PDF edition of its announcement of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the US in 2016.

American Rivers recommends folks Take Action by telling the California Water Resources Control Board to increase flows in the San Joaquin River this year to ensure enough water for fish, wildlife, agriculture and drought-stricken communities. In 2014 NWNL visited East Porterville where hundreds of homes still have no running water per our continued communications with those helping supply “totes” to hold water in their front yards.