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Local Water Issues, Long Island, NY:
NWNL Lecture Spurs Discussion of Local MTBE Issues

(Excerpt, minutes of The Conservation Board of Huntington, NY, November 17, 2009)

On November 14, Mr. Ponturo attended a presentation by Alison Jones, Project Director of No Water No Life, hosted by the Lloyd Harbor Conservation Board. As detailed on its website, No Water No Life combines the powers of photography, scientific research and stakeholder knowledge to raise awareness of the importance of freshwater resources, perils of watershed degradation and opportunities for sustainable resource management.

The meeting offered the opportunity to discuss local community concerns including MTBE contamination problems, radon detection in some wells and lead contamination of drinking water. Concerning the MTBE contamination problem, Mr. Ponturo advised the Village CB chair that the Suffolk County Department of the Health’s Bureau of Drinking Water is still willing to sample private wells on request, although there was agreement that NYSDEC follow-up in a spill investigation should have been more effective in locating the contamination source and conducting its own follow-up surveys of wells.