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No Water No Life expresses deep appreciation
to its collaborating partners and sponsors:

Alison Jones Photography supports NWNL by contributing images from North America and Africa, as well as office space and staff time. Photographer Alison Jones, who is also Founding Director of NWNL, has focused her photography on nature and communities for twenty-five years. Alison Jones Photography has also contributed imagery to other NGO’s working in Africa and the Americas, including LightHawk, KickStart, TechnoServe, SEVA Foundation and The Mara Conservancy.

The International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) has extended to NWNL its fiscal sponsorship and its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status to our donors. Within a year of its founding in 2005, iLCP honored Alison M. Jones, Project Director of NWNL, as one of its Senior Fellows. Cristina Mittermeier, Founding Director of iLCP, one of the original NWNL Advisors to NWNL, underlined the value of combining the powers of photography and science to raise awareness of environmental concerns.

Art for Conservation, working with Fine Print, promotes artists, conservation photographers and organizations helping protect the natural world. AFC creates and markets fine art prints to protect our planet’s cultures, creatures and climates. Owners Mark Lukes and Linda Helm printed 35 canvas giclee photographs for NWNL’s traveling exhibits in Canada and the US. They also selected NWNL as one of a few organizations that buyers can designate to receive a cost percentage of fine art photographs.

The Explorers Club granted NWNL the honor of carrying its Flag #93 on its ’07 Columbia River Basin Expedition and ’09 Mara River Expedition. As well, its Scott Pearlman Field Awards program has extended 3 fiscal awards to NWNL expeditions.

John Ruskey’s Quapaw Canoe Company, in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta, runs expeditions on the Mississippi River, its backwaters, oxbows and bayous. In the style of a blues apprenticeship, John trains Mighty Quapaws to be river guides and stewards. Using music, art and mapmaking, John captures the free-flowing Mississippi River like a modern Mark Twain. His essay “River Rat” opens our imagination. His Rivergator website is a Paddlers’ Guide to the entire river and its wilderness by paddlers. NWNL interviewed John in 2008.

Global Information Network (GIN) is a not-for-profit news and world media operation. Its African News Briefs and other leads supplied by Executive Director Lisa Vives have been very helpful to NWNL’s research efforts. GIN is the largest distributor of Developing World news services, supplying wide ranging coverage news, analysis, features, breaking stories, including how events and trends in Europe or the United States affect developing countries.

Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS) is a consortium of international and local partners working in the developing world to provide sustainable clean water to people and ecosystems. In the NWNL case-study watershed of the Mara River, scientists Amanda Subalusky and Chris Dutton work with GLOWS to establish baseline measurements of water quality and flow levels.

The International League of Conservation Writers, of which NWNL Director Alison Jones is a Senior Fellow, is a forum to bring writers and other creatives together from around the world that are writing (or using other creative avenues) to promote wilderness, nature, or conservation, to protect and restore the natural areas, habitats, animals, and plants of our planet. ILCW will present periodic writing awards to authors who excel in this field.

International Rivers works to protect rivers and rights, and promote real solutions for meeting water, energy and flood management needs around the globe. The IR focus is on raising awareness that large dams and diversions are the primary culprit for the massive changes to ecosystems and communities dependent on our rivers. NWNL has shared with IR experiences and images from the Lower Omo River Basin, where the livelihoods of indigenous residents are threatened by the construction of 5 massive hydropower dams upstream.

The Mara Conservancy – The mandate of the Mara Conservancy, worked out with the Maasai, agrees that it will undertake all aspects of protected area management. The Conservancy is the first public/private sector partnership of its kind in the region and has led to an active and cooperative partnership between conservation professionals and the local Maasai community, as it initiates conservation efforts within the Maasai Mara NR. NWNL Founding Director Alison Jones has actively supported the Mara Conservancy since its inception in 2001.

WINGS WorldQuest has granted NWNL the honor of carrying its Exploration Flag on five of our expeditions. Flag #13 was carried on the ’07 Columbia River Basin Expedition, the ’07 Blue Nile and Omo River Basins Expedition, the ’08 Omo River Basin Expedition, the ’08 Upper Columbia River Basin Expedition, and the ’09 Mara River Basin Expedition.

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