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NWNL LECTURES focus on freshwater resource threats and their exciting management solutions. Alison M. Jones, NWNL Director, rouses audiences by sharing her dramatic photos from her many years of travel, scientific research and stakeholder knowledge gained from over 30 NWNL expeditions. She covers:

  • basic elements of all watersheds
  • the use and waste of water
  • new technologies to reduce water consumption
  • individual, grassroots and trans-boundary conservation efforts

Her lectures can include free handouts and sales of booklets and prints.

To Book a Lecture, call 212-861-6961.

View this sample of slides used in NWNL lectures

NWNL’s Alison Jones with 5th graders at Far Hills Country
Day School. Lecture topic: “Caring For Our Watersheds”.

The lecture topic requested most frequently is “NWNL: Managing our Watersheds”.

A popular topic when Alison lectures K-12 students is “Where does our water come from?”

Other possible topics regarding fresh-water issues include:

  • No Water No Life: Addressing the World’s Thirst
  • Ethiopia’s Omo Valley Cultures: In the Shadow of Dams
  • Kenya’s Mara River Conservation: Saving Ecosystems and Wildlife
  • The Columbia River Basin: its Values and Vulnerability
  • New Jersey’s Raritan River: Upstream Rural to Downstream Urban
  • East Africa’s Rift Valley Watersheds
  • Photography as a Tool for Conservation
  • Travel Photography as Visual Anthropology
  • The Waters of Africa, Europe and the Americas
  • Conservation Challenges in sub-Sahara Africa

In addition to the water-focused presentation topics listed above, Alison’s extensive travel has led her to address the following subjects as well – and water issues do surface in most of these! See some of these lectures by Alison M. Jones described on her photography website:

  • Rural Development in Latin America and Africa
  • Women in Africa and Latin America
  • Children In Africa and Latin America
  • Architecture as a Reflection of Culture
  • Argentina: A Tango of Diversity
  • A Pastiche of Portugal
  • Mexico’s Migratory Monarchs
  • Guatemala’s Maya Tapestry