Omo River Basin

Expedition ’08 Itinerary

EXPEDITION ITINERARY (January 23 – February 11, 2008)
(Expedition Members: Alison M. Jones, Jane Baldwin)

January 23 and 25: Departure of Lower Omo River Basin Expedition to Ethiopia.

January 26: Addis Ababa – Arrive Addis Ababa via Frankfurt.
Overnight in Addis Ababa.

January 27: Charter flight from Addis Ababa over Awash River Gibe III to Tourmi.
Overnight in Dilabino.

January 28 and 29: Documentation of Hamar Tribal lifestyle on the Dilabino, a small tributary of Omo River; Documentation of Hamar bull-jumping rite of passage on Kweskay River.
Overnights in Dilabino.

January 30: Overland drive to Omorate via 4WD: documenting irrigation canals for cotton fields. Boat south to Omo Delta: documenting flood-recession agriculture on banks of Omo River.
Overnight in the Omo River Delta (Loyere Village camp).

Januray 31 and February 1: Documentation in Omo Delta of the Dassanech farming during the low-water season; Lake Turkana fishermen; invasive plants; and dry-season bird populations.
Overnights in the Omo River Delta (Loyere Village camp).

February 2: Boat trip to return to Omorate to pick up 4WD. Drive north via Lake Dipa and Murule along Omo River to Duss, a village of the Karo tribe.
Overnight in Lumale Camp, Duss.

February 3 and 4: Documentation of Karo flood recession agriculture on banks of Omo River, harvesting, village life and dance rituals.
Overnights in Lumale Camp, Duss.

February 5: Overland drive from Lumale to Arba Minch via Weto River crossing and Konso.
Overnight in Arba Minch.

February 6, 7 and 8: Meetings and interviews with scientists at The Water Institute of Addis Ababa University in Arba Minch.

February 9: Tour of Nech Sar National Park, Lake Chamo and Lake Abaya.
Overnight in Arba Minch.

February 10: Leave Arba Minch via scheduled flight to Addis Ababa. Meet with Director of Omo National Park and Omo Valley health researcher. Departure of Omo River Expedition to USA.