Mara River Basin

Mau Forest Expedition ’12

Expedition 2012: The Mau Forest,
Headwaters of the Mara River Basin

Team Leader: NWNL Director Alison M. Jones

Guides: Jacob Mwanduka of FOMAWA,
Andrew Nightingale as consultant, Paul Njenga as driver

Pre-Expedition Interviews in Nairobi with:
Nigel Pavitt, Kenyan historian/photographer: former chairman of the Mara Conservancy;
James Robertson, chairman of Ker & Downey Safaris, board member of Mara Conservancy.

January 23: Mau Forest, Njoro
Drive Nairobi to Njoro
Interview with Andrew Nightingale (not videoed) re Ogiek and 2012 Mau update.
Documentation in Eastern Mau Complex, via Nessuit, following Njoro River.
Overnight Njoro.

January 24: Mau Forest, Njoro
Document water tank at Kembu Farm (commercial dairy/maize farm)
Meet with Jacob Mwanduka of FOMAWA
Drive with Jacob through Elburgon, and then pick up Anthony Siele (FOMAWA Staff):
  – Toured the southwestern Mau Complex & Kipkoris IDP camp
  – Videoed and interviewed farmers and Saino Primary School students
Met with Peter McCarter, historian with documentation of Mau Forest Ogiek tribe, formerly with Kenya Forest Conservation Project in the 1990s.
Overnight Njoro.

January 25: Mau Forest, Njoro
With Jacob Mwanduka visit government forest in Southwestern Mau Forest Complex:
  – Videoed and interviewed small-scale farmers
  – Documented government reforestation project where all seedlings had died
  – Documented continued farming in indigenous bamboo forest
  – Followed Bomet-Molo road to document large commercial farming interests
Visited Deloraine Farm:
  – Met with owner Cindy Voorspuy
  – Interviewed Deloraine’s forest rangers, whose salary is less than those illegally cutting down the forest for charcoal sales
Overnight Njoro.

January 26: Mau Forest, Njoro
Researched history of Mau Forest via books in Andrew Nightingale’s library.
Elburgon: Photographed town life, market, Timsales Lumber Company.
Returned to Nairobi.

Post-Expedition Interviews in Nairobi with Kenyan scientists and stakeholders:
Martin Forster (chairman of Mara Conservancy);
Brian Heath (executive director of Mara Conservancy);
Jackson Looseyia (Maasai wilderness guide; founder, Koiyaki Guiding School;
Colin Church, chairman of Rhino Ark, fundraiser for fencing Kenyan’s Water Towers;
Pat Awori, board member of Kenya Wildlife Service;
Ian Robertson, commercial farmer;
Tony Church, stakeholder in Emburu, the Mau Forest section to be fenced.