Mara River BasinExpedition

Mara Expedition Team ’09

Alison M. Jones, Conservation Photographer; No Water No Life Founder/Director and Lead Photographer

On NWNL’s Columbia River (’07, ’08), Omo River (’05, ’07, ’08), Nile River (’04, ’07), Mississippi River (2 in ’08) Raritan River (ongoing) and Mara River (’85–’09) Expeditions

Alison M. Jones is a conservation photographer who has documented ecosystems and their management for over 20 years in Africa and the Americas. After copiloting over thousands of miles of Africa’s vital rivers and lakeshores with a camera always at the ready, she became immersed in studying global issues of water. She founded No Water No Life ® in 2006 to raise public awareness of freshwater issues by combining the powers of photography and science. Granted an honorary Masters Degree in Photography from Brooks Institute, she is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photography, on the Board of North American Nature Photography Association and member of ASMP, the Explorers Club and TechnoServe (a development NGO). She is a founding supporter of Kenya’s Mara Conservancy and currently enrolled at Columbia University’s Center for Environmental Research and Conservation. Her images are found in magazines, television, books, workshops, lectures, and exhibits. Her web site is

Alison Fast, Project Videographer
Television Producer and Camera Woman
On the NWNL 2009 Mara River Expedition

Alison Fast is a Peabody Award-winning television producer and camera woman who has worked for NBC/Universal, BBC Worldwide and MTV Networks. She has documented the World Water Forum in Mexico City, the XXII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City and the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City. As a media instructor, consultant and Program Director for Barefoot Workshops, she has trained over thirty-five NGOs in Africa and the Middle East to use the power of media to better meet development goals. She uses grassroots storytelling to bridge diverse communities around the world and to work towards global strategies for peace and a sustainable future. In 2005, she participated in a Lakota Nation “spirit run,” covering 1600 miles on foot to call attention to the plight of the environment worldwide. She graduated in 1998 with a degree in Journalism from Boston University College of Communication.

Tari Abkula Wako, Project Guide
Bronze Level Professional Guide
On the NWNL 2009 Mara River Expedition

One of Kenya’s finest guides, Tari works in association with James Robertson,  Chairman of Ker and Downey Safaris. Alison Jones has spent several weeks in the bush in Kenya with Tari appreciating his knowledge of the bush and wildlife species, his fluency in several languages and his wonderful ability to both adapt and entertain in any given situation.